Whale Mail: Introduction to Pat’s Nantucket Real Estate

Hello to those of you interested in buying or renting a home on Nantucket.

There are many astute real estate agents on this wonderful Island of Nantucket, who provide great service to their clients and there are many helpful Web sites loaded with information and statistics about the real estate market
here. So, why this blog?

As a real estate agent with Compass Rose Real Estate here on Nantucket, I believe there is an opportunity to give clients a sense of the overall Nantucket residential and vacation markets by concentrating on individual properties. It’s a matter of the particular standing for the whole. The special homes for sale, which I’ll feature, will not only disclose the market’s current dynamics but also possess a “Wow” factor. The “Wow” could come from a magnificent landscape and ocean views, the beauty of the architecture and the brilliance of the interior design, the way the home helps define its neighborhood, the practicality of its location, or the offering price itself, when it reflects great value for the dollar. In short, I’ll be writing about the homes I love and believe can be right for a buyer fit just for them.

So, there’ll be the “Wow of the Week,” along with other “Whale Mails” about happenings on Island that you should know about and tips to make your property search more productive. There won’t be any predictions about when the Nantucket real estate market will return to its former strength.  I’ll highlight select gems rather than broad scale opportunities. I hope this selective information will prove helpful and eventually guide you to the home you’ll love to enjoy with your loved ones here on Nantucket.


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