Pat’s Nantucket “Whale Mail”: Daffodil Weekend and More

This Whale Mail alerts fans of Nantucket to that start of another season, Daffodil Weekend; reminds all of us just how highly regarded Nantucket’s beaches are; and, for those interested in Nantucket as a future home, discloses the astonishing fact that only 8% of land on Nantucket is still open to development.

Daffodil Weekend

This year’s Daffodil Weekend on Nantucket will take place from April 27th through the 29th. It will include the 38th Annual Daffodil Flower Show and the Antique Car Parade. From a real estate perspective, this spring-time Nantucket holiday weekend is a good time to button down summer vacation rentals. Or, if you are interested in buying a home and can get to the Island, it’s an excellent time to schedule a tour of properties.  For a full description of the Weekend, click at this link to the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce’s Daffodil Weekend page,

Top 10 Beaches

This will come as no surprise, but National Geographic recently rated Nantucket as having one of the 10 best sets of beaches in the world. Visit for the complete story.

Conservation Land

According to the Nantucket Property News, February, 2012, by 2010 just 8% of Nantucket’s land area remained open to development. That was down from 53% in 1987. Conservation land grew from 34% to 60% during the same 13-year period.  To read in detail just how successful conservation efforts have been on Nantucket, here is the full article,                                                                                         

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